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Letter to Subaru executives regarding Philippines Warranty


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Although Legal proceedings are not yet over, I have no choice but to write Subaru yet another letter (directed solely at Subaru corporate executives in Japan, and not at any of their overseas affiliates). I've played their games for 8 years now, and with a potential pandemic around the corner, this has to end. Here goes!

All links should be reviewed for a full understanding of this case.

March 2, 2020                                                                                                                                                  

All Subaru executives, C/O Yasushi Nagae General Manager of Customer Service Division

Subaru Corporate Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan


Subaru has been very focused on picking a fight with me since 2012 (Note to Subaru: If you are going to pick a fight, pick one you have some chance of winning). Why you chose to have your affiliates attack me instead of just honoring my warranty is something I will never know. Disputes should be avoided whenever possible, but once started, they must be fought without regard for personal consequence. Only with that attitude can a bully the size of Subaru be defeated. Since I'm sure that in your mind you consider this a win (you never did pay to fix my turbocharger,) I hope we can agree that this should end. However, I am more than prepared if you feel otherwise. Much more.

I had thought our dispute ended in 2019, but you decided it would be a good idea to file a criminal libel case against me (Note to Subaru. There is a reason why no other car company has ever filed a libel complaint against a customer. It is a BAD idea!) Not just any libel filing, but rather a cyber-libel filing that carries a minimum seven year incarceration if found guilty. Not wanting to take even a small chance that I would actually be prosecuted and spend another several years of my life driving back and forth to court, I decided to write you a letter. With the threat of the libel complaint hanging over my head, I made you a very generous offer indeed; withdraw your libel complaint and I would cease and desist all future updates to my website,

Since it was highly unlikely that your complaint would result in a prosecution anyway, it appeared to me obvious that you would accept my deal. While you may not be particularly deft in handling customer complaints, I did not imagine that you would be so foolish and vindictive if you did not get your way (disrespectful? Well, let me explain). Not only did you refuse to withdraw the complaint, you even filed a Notice for Reconsideration after your complaint was rejected by the prosecutor. Seriously, did you not think I was offering you a very good deal? Do you really want to continue this fight infinitum? Did none of you receive my letter? Did I come across as the type of person that would back down with the threat of a long jail term? (Note to Subaru: Customers that spend seven years just trying to get their warranties honored won’t take kindly to vicious legal filings that threaten their freedom and liberty.)

OK, so be it. Let’s just hope you will learn how to treat other customers who make the mistake of buying a Subaru, and no other purchaser of your crappy cars ever has to go through this.

For those executives who may just be joining us, I’ll give a quick recap of the story. In April 2012, I wrote a polite letter to Subaru asking for assistance in getting my warranty honored  (yes, I can be polite when circumstances warrant it.) Your response, let’s just say, was not so polite. Accordingly, neither was any of my future correspondence. I filed a lawsuit.  Had my fifteen minutes of fame. You admitted in court that you have insane maintenance requirements for your cars. The legal case then ended several years later (If you have about 20 hours of free time, you can review the complete case file). I made a couple of videos. I then created the website You did not like the website and filed a libel complaint which was eventually dismissed (but still under appeal), so here we are.

To quote from the above referenced 4/15/2019 letter sent to numerous Subaru executives:

“In short, Subaru has a choice. You can either instruct Motor Image to withdraw their complaint and this ends now, or you can do nothing and be at the end of a campaign from an unhappy customer that the automotive industry has never seen

You chose to ignore my demand. Not wanting to be branded as someone who doesn't do what he says, this did not end now, but instead resulted in the update that you are reading now.

At this point, let’s take a look back from a different angle. My website went live at the end of 2018. How did 2019 go for you? Do you think my website was irrelevant? Think again.

What? 2019 was not a good year! Why was that? Maybe because potential customers were well informed. Remember, back in 2012, in the very first document of the case file, you were told EXACTLY what would happen if you ignored my simple demand - to meet and get this resolved within 2 days because I only had one car. (Note to Subaru: I said what I'll do, and I did what I said. Keep that in mind when you read the I.T.O. document). However, you didn't even bother to send me a text. If you want someone to blame, just look in the mirror.

So here we are in 2020 and I have another deal for you. Quite simple really: Just leave me alone. That means YOU, YOUR AFFILIATES, and ANYONE or ANY COMPANY that is even remotely connected to you. If you task me in any way, even if I just have to answer the phone because you misdialed my number, I WILL HAVE YOU. This is my website and I will expose Subaru ANYWAY I want, and will promote it ANYWAY I want. I don't tell you what to put on your website, so don't cry like a baby about mine. However, I am ready to move on and foresee no other updates or promotions for this site, and it will be permanently taken down in about 4 years. If you have a problem with that and want to continue this dispute, just be prepared for the consequences: I.T.O.

While it would not be wise to publish details of what I mean by I.T.O at this point, you need to know exactly what it is so that you can make an informed decision. Therefore, a document was sent to Yasushi Nagae and should arrive on the same date of this letter. I strongly recommend that Mr. Nagae, and all other senior executives, read it very carefully.

Remember...........Used motor oil pollutes. Honor your warranties. If you go around trying to get your customers put in jail THEY WILL ONLY COMPLAIN MORE LOUDLY!!  Since you are unaware of how to treat customers or the environment, I truly hope you can at least learn these three basic tenets.

Truly an unhappy customer,

Julian Cohen