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Note to Metrobank:  I’ve had just about enough of you.  First 120,000 pesos disappears from my account and then you and your “associates” harass and libel me for 6 years.

Well, my plate is now clear so if you really want to fight, then let’s get it on.  I have a nice fat file on you that contains every letter, email, threat, insult, intimidation and criminal act you, your associates, and your lawyers have done to me.

One more word out of you and Metrobank will be on the receiving end of a lawsuit that will teach you a lesson that you will never forget.

Or in other words, I am not your punching bag, but if you really want, I will make you mine.

One last thing:  I am a busy person and really have no time for another never-ending lawsuit.  However, another nasty letter (or email!) from you will leave me no choice.  If this actually does go to trial, at least I (as well as the Philippines) will know exactly what happened to my money.