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Note to Metrobank:  I’ve had just about enough of you.  First 120,000 pesos disappears from my account and then you and your “associates” harass and libel me for 6 years.

Well, my plate is now clear so if you really want to fight, then let’s get it on.  I have a nice fat file on you that contains every letter, email, threat, insult, intimidation and criminal act you, your associates, and your lawyers have done to me.

One more word out of you and Metrobank will be on the receiving end of a lawsuit that will teach you a lesson that you will never forget.

Or in other words, I am not your punching bag, but if you really want, I will make you mine.

One last thing:  I am a busy person and really have no time for another never-ending lawsuit.  However, another nasty letter (or email!) from you will leave me no choice.  If this actually does go to trial, at least I (as well as the Philippines) will know exactly what happened to my money.


UPDATE 3/14/22

Today I received the following email:

Good day!
This pertains to your outstanding and unpaid credit card account with METROBANK.
As of this date and while you have already enjoyed/utilized/consumed the services, our principal, Metrobank-Collectius, did not receive any payment despite reminders and demands. However, we are one with our clients, in providing our customers a debt-free life.
During these challenging times, we know that it is very difficult for you to find the means to settle your account.
In line with that mission, we are giving special discounts by settling your account based only on your PRINCIPAL BALANCE with 100% waiver on interests and penalties and other special considerations that we can extend. This amnesty will run until March 21, 2022.

We will be positively waiting for your response together with your updated contact number to discuss settlement (payment options if necessary) or if with clarifications, feel free to get in touch with the following contact numbers below during regular office hours from 9am to 4pm daily.

Thank you
301 & 303 Summit Tower, 530 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
Mobile : +63 998-5911307 / +63 998-5998551 / +63 998-5911309 / +63 998-5998562 / +63 998-5938681

You may think that starting an email with “good day” makes this Ok, BUT IT DOES NOT. You have been told countless times over the past 6 years to stop contacting me with your baseless claims, and even going public has not made a difference. Instructing your associates such as Sillano Law Office to harass me DOES NOT absolve you from liability (if you think it does, you need to find new attorneys).

You refuse to file a lawsuit against me, which leaves me no choice but to file one against you and all parties that are associated with you.

Also, how dare you state that it is difficult for me to find the means to settle my account! You know very well that the money to settle my balance was in my Metrobank account but DISSAPPEARED. It just so happens that I do have the means to retain the finest law firm in the country, AND I WILL.

Good Day! 

UPDATE 3/26/22

After consultations with my attorneys, it has become clear that with the current Covid backlog of cases, a lawsuit filed against Metrobank could take longer to go to trial than my last lawsuit.  That case was dismissed after 6 years at the pre-trial stage to avoid an additional 10 years or so of legal back and fourth.  Therefore, the only solution is to publicly present my case and hope to be at the receiving end of a lawsuit as it is far more difficult for the plaintiff to delay a case for a decade.

I have started the process of a new website to upload the details of the case and will make sure that the concerned community are well informed of how money disappears from accounts and the consequences of attempting to get the money back.

  J. Cohen