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Subaru: Phase 2.

Update – 1/17/20.

There will be a delay, yet again, for the update to this website.  A second level appeal was recently filed so the full update cannot happen on 1/27/20 as intended.  It is important that legal proceedings progress without anything that could possibly be construed as interference.  Therefore, the planned update to this website would not be appropriate until all proceedings are at an end.  Accordingly, since this latest legal round of filings started at the beginning of 2019, the only updates to this website have been to clearly indicate that all negative comments are directed at Subaru of Japan, and absolutely no other entity.

On 1/27/20, actual filings will be incorporated into the case file for public review, and placed on this page as “current events”. Future filings will also appear here in real time.  However, there will be no comments.  Comments entered into the legal record (such as a “comment to a motion” which has been duly served on all parties) will also be incorporated into the case file.   No other updates would be appropriate.  Please note that there are potentially other appeals after this one, and it must be considered that the current case could continue until every possible appeal is exhausted, which could take a while.

To be clear, any party (besides Subaru of Japan) that feels this website portrays them in negative light only needs to inform me of the specific statement they consider defamatory.  It will then be promptly corrected or removed.

Updates to this site were delayed while an unexpected legal filing was addressed by the court. This has now been done, therefore, the update has been rescheduled for January 27, 2020.  Not only will all 2019 activity in this case be exposed, but this site will feature a completely updated design that will put everything in a new and interesting perspective.   

This site has only one purpose – to expose the worthless warranties issued to purchasers of Subaru cars.  I hope you will spend a few minutes of your time to view a video of my story and the annotated collection of legal documents from my continuing 6 struggle to obtain justice from the courts.  If you are even thinking of buying a Subaru, please enlighten yourself with this information.  It will prevent you from making one of the worst mistakes of your life.  And you can be sure, buying a Subaru would be such a mistake.  Without question, nothing will cause more expense, wasted time, or anguish than the purchase of a Subaru Forester.

Remember, there is a reason that Subaru is a fringe car company.  When a business model is based on fraud, the brand can never become mainstream.  And I do not use the term fraud lightly.  My years battling them in court clearly proves the fraud they commit against the purchasers of their cars.



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It has been brought to our attention that several statements appearing on this website may have portrayed Motor Image in a negative light.  That was not the intention.  Motor Image has recently demonstrated that they are in no way responsible for any improper actions or policies.  Subaru, and SUBARU ALONE, are responsible for the criminal actions, fraudulent policies, and worthless warranties that have been demonstrated by the documents posted on this site.  In addition, all documents were updated on 4/13/2019 to clearly identify Subaru as the responsible party.


Subaru Warranty story for the Philippines

Never buy a Subaru, especially if you live in the Philippines! スバルは不名誉な経営幹部が経営する犯罪組織です。スバルを決して買わないでください。

Posted by Never Buy a Subaru on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Complete Case File

Download all the letters, legal documents and their analysis in one complete PDF.  And for those lucky enough to own a Subaru, it’s a useful 73 step guide to making a Subaru warranty claim in as little as 5 years. And best of all, the entire process can be completed for less than $20,000!

The Documents

A listing of all of the individual documents and their analysis for you to peruse online.